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Disease Name: Adenocarcinoma Of Esophagus
Disease CUI: C0279628
Disease MeSH ID: C562730
Associated Proteins:

Categories: Disease of cellular proliferation

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Searched Entities (14 out of 14 found)
ARID1A O14497 protein
CDKN2A P42771 protein
CRTC1 Q6UUV9 protein
ELMO1 Q92556 protein
FOXP1 Q9H334 protein
PIK3CA P42336 protein
PTGS2 P35354 protein
SMAD4 Q13485 protein
TLR4 O00206 protein
TP53 P04637 protein
BARX1 Q9HBU1 protein not in SIGNOR relations
DOCK2 Q92608 protein not in SIGNOR relations
NELL1 Q92832 protein not in SIGNOR relations
SPART Q8N0X7 protein not in SIGNOR relations

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